Brevard Zoo (January 2010 ed.)

The family took a trip to the zoo today, and I have photographic evidence. Seeing as how Sophia is 1 year old we expected her to derive more enjoyment from the zoo than her last visit. She seemed to be interested in looking at the animals. She’s been saying ‘dog’ lately, and at this point she thinks everything with 4 legs is a dog; This is a source of great amusement for mommy and I, especially when she points at a rhinoceros and says ‘dog.’ She was at least equally curious about the local elementary school children who were visiting the zoo today. This trip also gave me a chance to truly utilize the telephoto zoom lens I got last year. I was impressed with the results given my complete lack of photographic skill. A good time was had by all, despite the fact that the giraffes were MIA and mommy was pooped on by birds twice.