Baby Pictures and Sleep Deprivation

It’s been an interesting week. Christina and I are trying to adjust to being parents. Presently Sophia tends to sleep more during the day, consequently she is usually awake for most of the night. Mommy and Daddy are trying to adjust, plus we’re taking steps to acclimate her to more of a daytime schedule. She feeds every 2 to 4 hours, so we’re trying to make it a point to wake her often during the day to feed in hopes that she’ll sleep more at night. It’s slow going so far.

Sophia had her first pediatric appointment this week, and it was decided by all present that she is an awesome baby. We took Sophia for a walk (she was in a stroller, duh) today. There are a some pics from this ground breaking event in the photo album. There are also some more random photos of her in and out of the hospital, as well as some crappy cell phone pics from the operating room before and during Christina’s caesarean section (nothing gross). Enjoy!