Hard Rain

Tropical Storm Fay arrived in town yesterday and it’s decided to stay a while, and in the process it’s dropped over 30 inches of rain. Harris was closed yesterday and today, so I’ve been at home worshiping at the altar of the Xbox 360 and racking up Civilization Revolution Achievements. Tuesday was supposed to be my first day of the Fall semester at Florida Tech, but class is canceled through Thursday so I won’t be gettin’ no book learnin’ ’til next week. Unfortunately Christina works for Ebenezer Scrooge and she had to work yesterday and today, but thankfully she was able to leave early today.

There is currently about 1ft of water in the street in front of my house and it’s creeping up the driveway. Click on the image below to see some video that I shot earlier with my trusty Samsung SC-MX10.

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The video format is DivX. The Windows codec can be downloaded for free from here, but I recommend that Windows users get the VLC media player. It’s a free software media player that totally rocks.

The rain is expected to continue through tomorrow. Our only hope is that Christian Slater will arrive in time to save the day.