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Sullivan James Friel was born at 8:48AM on Thursday June 30th 2011.  His birth weight was 7lbs 5oz and he is 19.75 inches in length. Mommy and baby got to come home yesterday and everyone is doing fine. Mommy is in some pain, but it’s nothing a little bit of narcotics can’t take care of. Sullivan has been successfully executing all of his primary functions (eat, sleep, poop, pee). Sophia is adjusting much better than either myself or Christina had anticipated. We think that she’ll be a great big sister for Sullivan. I’ve uploaded lots of pictures from the hospital stay, as well as from the past few months. I’ve been slacking pretty hard at updating this blog so this is a pretty big data dump. New pictures can be found in the April, May, June (including the Happy Birthday Sullivan folder), and July galleries.