Archive for June, 2010

Sour Patch Kid

For some reason Sophia likes to munch on lemons and limes. Here is a picture of her enjoying some lime that her mommy gave her.

Little People

In the past few months Sophia has been building a sizable standing army of Fisher-Price Little People. Christina and I decided to amuse ourselves by getting them together for a group picture.

This Little Person is of particular interest because both Christina and I think that it looks like Opa Friel.

For reference, here is a picture of my dad from last Thanksgiving. You make the call.

Fun with Boxes

Sophia’s latest sources of amusement are boxes and box related activities. She likes getting in boxes as well as putting them on her head. I suspect that she does the latter because she has seen me do it, and I’ll admit that I enjoy putting boxes on my head for her (as well as my own) amusement. Here is a particularly adorable picture of Sophia in an empty Huggies diaper box.

Yogurt has culture

Here is a video of Sophia demonstrating her newest skill: eating yogurt with a spoon. It’s cool for us (her parents) but perhaps boring for everyone else.

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