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We are calling it Mr. Peanut for now…..

I know we should be updating everyone more than we have. But to be honest, at this point the only thing to talk about isn’t all that interesting. Plus, to me, it just sounds like complaining. I have been experiencing the lovely morning (noon and night) sickness for the past 4 weeks and I am hoping (wishing) that this is only the first trimester tests of pregnancy. Kyle has had to pick up the slack because the couch and the bed seem to be my resting place after work. I’m always tired and sleepy (cranky). The one thing that gets me the most is the motion sickness, I can’t even stand up to quickly without feeling like I’m going to pass out or throw up (which ever comes first). Kyle’s been absolutely fantastic and nice as can be. Poor guy, I feel soooooo bad about everything right now and hope that things will get better so I can get back into my groove.  The man deserves an award! It has been fun to pick out names, to see what each other likes and dislikes (and that Kyle wants to name the child after a comic book hero or star wars). We are pretty set on a girl name but the boy name we’re still fiddling around with (we have time, I know).

So with telling people, everyone has their own stories to tell (especially all the li’l old ladies that work in the building). And some chuckle at the fact that I am going to be a mother (even I am laughing and freaking out on the inside).  I know that goes without saying since I’ve been me and only me for 30 years, to think of a mini me (or mini Kyle) blows my mind. But I am extremely excited and I know Kyle is too.

My next appt is July 15, so we should have more pics of the baby to be. I should be 13 weeks by then (and out of the first trimester blues *cross fingers*).  So until then…………. :)

Knocked Up

Welcome to the first post! I decided to start this site to keep people abreast of the latest information concerning the baby. Christina had her first sonogram on Monday. There’s a picture in the photo album, and Mike was kind enough to make a custom Lolcat for us.

Uterus Cat

Everything about the pregnancy and the embryo are normal, and the due date is set at January 26th. As the pregnancy progresses there should be more updates here, and possibly bad puns and other attempts at humor.